Who is the DCG?

~  The Denver Crypto Group™ is a collection of like-minded individuals who want to learn about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and the application of their underlying technology, Blockchain!

~  We were created in the Summer of '17 and have been educating curious minds ever since!

~  We hold free Meetups almost every week, and additionally provide Training to Crypto-heads interested in Mining, Trading, and any other facet of the Cryptosphere you need help with!


~  Reach out to us HERE with any inquiries and tell us how we can help you!


~ Matt Millen    

Founding Member


~ Matt's background is in construction, aviation, & real estate. He previously worked as an asset manager for a REIT managing a portfolio of 200 homes in 3 states.

~ At the REIT, Matt burned out as a cog in the wheel for a system that doesn't benefit enough people, and in 2016 he took another look at Crypto & Blockchain Tech.

~ After seeing the global & social impact Crypto/BC are having, he was convinced to do more.

~ Currently, his full time job is running the Denver Crypto Group as an entry portal for curious minds into Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology!

~ Mike Boehler          

Admin Member            Mike@DenverCryptoGroup.com

Mike is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started and owned multiple businesses. In addition to working for an Investment Bank, he founded a brokerage and trading business at the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) in the Financial Futures Markets (Government Debt, Interest Rates and Yield Curve).

The experience of being on the floor and inside the trading pits for 10 years allowed him to not only execute customer orders, but also participate in various types of trading (Arbitrage, Basis, Spreads and Options).

After discovering and becoming a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Blockchain Advocate, he actively trades Cryptocurrencies on various platforms.

The DCG allows him the opportunity to share his experience and knowledge to anyone interested in becoming involved in the space, as well as simplify what can be a significant learning curve.

Mike is the DCG’s Cryptocurrency Trading Expert.

~ Peter Chiodo    

Admin Member            Pete@DenverCryptoGroup.com

Peter is a Certified Bitcoin Professional who helps our insiders and clients with all their crypto currency needs.

Peter Attended Metro State University of Denver where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with Cum Laude Honors.

Before joining the D.C.G., Peter worked as a Police Officer and then a Managing Partner in Genesis Real Estate L.L.C. After a successful career in law enforcement and helping to revitalize neighborhoods, Peter now is bringing his leadership and business experience to the D.C.G.

Peter enjoys exercise, reading and yoga. 


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