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Beginner Resources

  • Why should I care about Blockchain Technology? -  Link
  • Beginner's Guide to CryptoCurrency -  Link
  • How to create a Bitcoin Wallet -  Link
  • What is a Blockchain?   Link and  Link
  • How to enable 2 Factor Authentication -  Link
    • ALWAYS save your 2FA backup/private key! Otherwise you may be locked out of your account if you lose your phone!​
    • Choose TOTP over POTP if prompted.
  • How Blockchains are secured:​
    • Proof-of-Work​ -  Link
    • Proof-of-Stake -  Link
  • Calculate CryptoCurrency Taxes -  Link  or  Link
  • KeePass password manager -  Link
  • Private Keys explained!Link
  • How to find your Transaction ID.Link​​

The Bitcoin Whitepaper - READ FIRST! -  Link

Now, read below to learn about the Denver Crypto Group!

  • Live A/V of DCG Trading Course: Day 2

    • Day 2 Part 2 contains T/A Indicators Explained!​

Training Service

Payment Instructions

Educational Video Center

Trading Resources

  • Tune in Mondays @ 6:30pm for 1-2 Hours of live chat questions with Matt! Details will be released on Twitter, @DenverCryptoGrp
  • How to create a Binance account -  Link
    • Use our referral ID when signing up at Binance! ID: ​10095068
  • How to create a Coinbase account -  Link
    • Click Here when you're ready to make a Coinbase account for $10 of free Bitcoin!
  • Create a KuCoin account -  Link
  • How to create a Poloniex account -  Link
  • Trading View Tutorials:
    • Trading View for Crypto noobs -  Link
    • Setup Charts -  Link
    • How to draw on the Charts -  Link
    • Indicators & Templates -  Link
  • Support & Resistance Lines explained -  Link
  • Candlesticks explained -  Link
  • How to place Buy/Sell Limit Orders on GDAX.comLink
  • Cost Averaging Excel template -  Download
  • Some Links may be dead :(
  • DCG Trading Course: Part 1 PwrPoint -  Link or  Download

  • DCG Trading Course: Part 2 PwrPoint -  Download

  • Cost Averaging Excel Template -  Download

  • Article explaining Crypto-Crypto Trading pairs -  Link

    • Example: ETH/BTC or LTC/BTC​

  • Live A/V of DCG Trading Course: Day 1

DCG Trading Course

Thank you for supporting us! You now have access to the resource center associated with your training course. 

Student Resources

         DCG Crash Course

To ease the initial learning curve of Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology for you, the DCG has compiled a Beginners Guide.


In it you will find explanations for the Basic Terms & Concepts that are relevant to Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain. Also included are the Benefits you get after mastering the Rules to Stay Safe!


  • We offer Help & Technical Assistance to teach you:

    • How to Set up a Wallet w/ Private Key for any CryptoCurrency​.

    • What Security Rules you should follow and why.

    • How to Manage your online Security.

    • How to Register an Exchange account.​

    • How to enable 2 Factor Authentication and keep your accounts SAFE!

    • How to secure your CryptoCurrencies in different Wallets.

    • Where to find information on various CryptoCurrency projects and coins.

    • How to determine the tax amount you are liable for due to owning CryptoCurrencies.

    • Anything else you can think of!

    • Ask us about our cheaper Group Sessions to review Basics.

  • For timely, direct help on anything Crypto related, email ~               or

DCG Trading Course

​​~ The inflow of Fiat currency to the CryptoCurrency markets presents a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone in the world!!! ~

 Take advantage of this opportunity and Learn to Trade with a simple strategy that

Minimizes risk and keeps you safe in Bear Markets! 

 Click HERE for an introduction to the basic DCG Trading Strategy. 


 ~ Our DCG Trading Course will enable you to:

  •   Create a Trading Plan and stick to it!

  •   Surf the big, volatile, price "waves" according to your unique Risk Profile!

  •   Protect yourself during large market corrections.

  •   Understand different Technical Analysis Indicators and how to use them in your Trading Plan.

 ~ Click Here to Reserve your seat!

 ~ The course will be held on a single Saturday each month from 1pm-5pm @ The Innovation Pavilion - 9200 E. Mineral Ave, 80112.


Email with any questions.


  • Check out our videos on D.Tube and YouTube!
  • Generally under 5 minutes, they're a great way to learn something about Crypto without taking up your day!

         DCG Meeting Presentations


Crypto Investing Roundtable


Ren Coin & Real Estate: Blockchain Entrepeneurship


Bitcoin Resources & Trading Introduction


What is a Blockchain?


  A Block Chain is a peer-to-peer network of computers that verifies & time stamps transactions irreversibly onto a Ledger.

  If the Blockchain is public anyone can view the Ledger.


Are Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies also Blockchains?


   Bitcoin is a Blockchain. Almost all Cryptocurrencies use unique, solitary Blockchains.

   Ethereum is also a Blockchain. (with a few tweaks to allow Smart Contracts)


What makes a Blockchain secure?


   The most common way a Blockchain is secured is through Hashing Power. When a Blockchain verifies & time stamps a transaction, computer resources are used to ensure this process is done correctly & Permanently!

   The amount of resources used are referred to as "Hash Power".


Why is Blockchain technology so groundbreaking?


   There are many different reasons for the excitement surrounding Blockchain tech. One of the most talked about is the ability for anyone in the world to send/receive "value" to anyone else in the world without being censored.

   Value can mean money, assets, electricity credits, etc. The largest use case of "value" to date though has been Bitcoin acting as digital cash.


Would you like to learn more about Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, and Digital Currencies? Take our DCG Crash Course!


   Take our DCG Crash Course HERE to get yourself up to speed! We also offer additional Training for whatever facet of the CryptoSphere you're excited about! Don't forget to ask us about recommended ways to benefit from Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology!

DCG Mining Pool

  • We maintain our own pool, the DCG Mining Pool.

    • The Physical Pool hosts various Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs, including our Monero Rigs!

    • Our Virtual Pool mines various MasterNode Cryptocurrencies.

    • Perfect if you've purchased a CryptoCurrency Mining Rig but have nowhere to host it!

  • Ask Matt about the Monero (XMR) Mining Rig specifications @

    • Each Rig currently costs $999.00.

    • Each Rig can mine Monero, Sumokoin, Electroneum, Bytecoin, or others!

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