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Providing in-person consulting and crypto education to the greater Denver area for over 6 years

Denver Crypto Group

In 2017, founder Matt Millen created a free meetup to help onboard people into crypto and this community quickly grew to include hundreds and eventually thousands of people in the Denver area.


The Denver Crypto Group is an advisory firm that also serves this original and still growing community by hosting educational events, crypto investor discussions, and organizing local get-togethers.

In addition to being the current operator of the Denver Crypto Group, Matt Millen also provides expert testimony related to cryptocurrency transactions in Colorado district courts, previously guest lectured at Harvard and Yale regarding privacy-focused cryptocurrency, was a contributing author to "Cryptocurrency Mining...for Dummies" and performs group presentations for a wide range of industry professionals about the impacts of blockchain, crypto and web3.


DCG Founder ~ Matt Millen


P: 303-558-6436

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