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Core Services

Training, Advising & Speaking


Learn from the best to get ahead of the rest!

Most Popular:

Home Base, Defi, Mining, Trading & Vetting


Get expert advice for most facets of the crypto ecosystem.
Find success with creative strategies that cater to your crypto ambitions.


Inform your group about the opportunity, risks, and transformation driven by crypto, blockchain and web3. Custom presentations for specific use cases and industries on request.



Cybersecurity and self custody are two core values of the DCG. The Homebase package trains you to create a rock solid foundation for safely launching into any part of the crypto universe.

  • Encrypted Email

  • Password Manager

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Exchange Account

  • Hardware Wallet

  • Hands-on instruction for properly using your Home Base


Expert Advice

High quality and impartial advice is hard to come by in the crypto cosmos. To make your cryptocurrency aspirations reality, utilize years of DCG experience to travel beyond the stars.

  • Sliding Scale, hourly rate

  • Project Consultations

  • Transaction Tracing

  • Scam Protection

  • Wallet Recovery

  • No Financial Advice


Public Presentations

Effectively educate your audience about the world of crypto, blockchain and web3. With over 100 custom built presentations the DCG can simply explain these complex subjects while highlighting areas that give opportunity or otherwise impact your industry.

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